DIY Baby Footprint Valentine’s Day Cards!

With less than two weeks until Judah’s first Valentine’s Day, I wanted to celebrate the occasion by DIY-ing some Valentine’s Day cards for family and friends. Since Valentine’s Day is just two days after Judah turns nine months old, I thought it would be fun to incorporate one of my favorite things about our baby… his super cute chubby little baby feet!Here’s my quick tutorial for an easy DIY baby footprint Valentine that will make a great keepsake for grandparents, aunts, uncles and more!Little Feet, Lotsa LoveWith just a stamp pad, some paper, a willing baby and a little creativity, you can whip up an absolutely adorable baby’s first Valentine card in no time at all!You Will Need…Washable ink pads, baby wipes or damp washcloth, card stock and other decorative elements, stamps, markers… and of course – adorable baby feet!Ink Up Those TootsiesGently pat the ink pad on the bottom of your baby’s foot, making sure to get each tiny toe.One Small Step for Mankind…Very carefully, bring the paper to baby’s inked foot and gently press and hold to make the footprint. For the purposes of this picture,baby safety, I had to put foot to paper (much more difficult) – kind of hard to juggle my camera phone and a wiggly baby foot covered in ink all at once!Stamp and Repeat One Foot at a TimeMake stamped footprints with one foot at a time for as many footprint hearts as you plan to make, then wipe baby’s toes clean and repeat with their other foot.Tame The Squirmies With a DistractionJudah loves to grab his feet and suck on this toes. To keep his hands busy, I made sure I had a couple of toys on hand to keep him occupied. Or, in this case, Judah apparently had some very important reading to do!Make Footprint HeartsOverlap your baby’s heels to make these adorable heart-shaped footprints!Scrub Baby’s ToesYou’re going to need a LOT of baby wipes. Like,baby shoes, a lot a lot. (And baby might even need a bath before you can get to card assembly.)The Finished CardsAnd voila! After about an hour of crafting and designing, here’s my batch of DIY baby footprint Valentine’s cards!”Head Over Heels”I love a good visual pun! I even turned the footprint cut-out into a keepsake for the grandparents by attaching a looped red ribbon to the back, the placing a piece of tape on the back of the heart and on the card underneath the heart, with a tape loop in between. That way, the keepsake footprint can be peeled right off the card without tearing the card or the cut-out!”To the Tips of My Toes”I saw this phrase on Pinterest and couldn’t resist using it: “From the bottom of my heart to the tips of my toes, I love you.” How sweet of a Valentine’s greeting is that?”Crazy in Love”For this card I went for a more modern approach with some edgy lines and a rough-edged border around the footprint cut-out.#babyloveIt’s true. I’ve got #babylove bad for my adorable little boy!